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the search for    AUDUR

Our newest feature film, thriller drama, 99 min.
Language english and icelandic. 
Shot in Denmark, Reykjavik, northwest Iceland and underwater.

Director  and screenwriter Lydur Arnason.

Released in 2023.

the search for AUDUR

Genre:  Feature film, drama 99 min, 2023. 

Director & screenwriter:  Lydur Arnason

Cast:  Sigridur Laretta Jonsdottir...Aevar Orn Johannesson...Inga Maria Eyjolfsdottir...Vagn Margeir Smelt

Anna Hafthorsdottir...Vikingur Kristjansson...Gunnar Kristinsson...Throstur Leo Gunnarsson...Thorunn Magnea Magnusdottir

Vignir Rafn Valthorsson...Hjalti Runar Jonsson...Hakon Johannesson...Elin Sveinsdottir...Elfar Logi Hannesson...Siggi Bjorns...



A wreck is lying in an abandoned fjord in the far north of Iceland.  It sank 60 years ago and is also a womans wet grave.   When her grandchild graduates from a diving school she unexpectly gets a letter from an old icelandic sailor who claims he was a crew member on the boat.  This awakes her interest to explore what really happened to her grandmother, how was her live and was her death maybe not accidental.   But her diving mission soon turns into something else than expexted.  



Poster Audur eng.jpg

R I S I N G   M O O N

Genre:  Feature, family comidrama 92 min.  Shown in Isafjardarbio and the icelandic state TV, RUV 2012.  Updated with english subtitles 2020.   

Director:  Lydur Arnason

Screenwriter:  Lydur Arnason & Sigurdur Olafssonector:  Lydur Arnason

Cast:  Elva Osk Olafsdottir...Palmi Gestsson...Birta Maria Gunnarsdottir...Rakel Dimar...Elfar Logi Hannesson...Arsæll Nielsson



Two brothers disagree about their mother heritage.   The older brother has a lot of children but no money, he is living in his mothers house in a small sea village with his wife and four children.  The younger brother has no children but a lot of money.  He is living in the city with his unsatisfied wife who desparetly wants a child but cannot.  

When the older brother wife unexpectly gets pregnant it appears like the perfect solution.  The younger brother brings the older one a proposal to adopt the unborn child but instead the older brother can keep the heritage.  The older brother and his wife accepts the proposal.  When their youngest daughter discovers this she gets very disappointed and makes an effort to destroy the agreement.  Soon she finds out that she is not alone in her actions, her newly dead grandmother is still around, ready to help her.   



Genre:  TV film, drama 50 min, finalized 2017, shown in the icelandic state TV 2020.

Director:  Lydur Arnason

Screenwriter:  Lydur Arnason

Cast:  Bjarne Henriksen...Theodor Juliusson...Sara Mogensen...Rakel Dimar...Elva Osk Olafsdottir...Hinrik Olafsson  



A pensionated doctor, who also has lost his wife recently, travels to his cottage placed in an abandoned fjord far away from the civilisation.  He is determined to take his own life but just before he takes action a couple of strangers approaches on horseback.  To his big surprise the doctor knows one of the riders from the past.  It is his daughter former husband.   The daughter drowned and the old doctor has always suspected her husband for murder though there were no evidences of this.   Also this guy has prevented the doctor from meeting his grandchild.  So when he sees him after all this time the doctor drastically changes his plan from suicide to a revenge.

POISON POSTER_FIXED_edited_edited_edited
Home page pictures JOL_edited.jpg

T H E   C H R I S T M A S    M A S S

Genre:  TV film, Comedy​ 25 min 2004.  Shown x5 in the icelandic state TV, RUV. 

Directors:  Lydur Arnason & Joakim Hlynur Reynisson. 

Screenwriter:  Lydur Arnason.




An old priest in a small town is moribund and wants to make his last christmas mass memorable.  He plots with his helper and together they convince the town electrician to unplug the electricity just before the mass.  In the candle lighted but full seated church the old priest breaks the usual mass traditions and confesses his sickness to his people.  In the end of his preach he calls to the Lord and begs him for light.  When he is intreated and everything lights up the old priest gets the credit and succeds to make his last mass a hit.   

Arni Tryggvason

Hinrik Olafsson

Olafia Hronn Jonsdottir

Halldor Eydal


The Christmas mass


Genre:  Feature cinema film, drama 90 min 2002, shown in Haskolabio and the icelandic state TV, RUV. 

Directors:  Lydur Arnason...Joakim Hlynur Reynisson

Screenwriters:  Lydur Arnason...Joakim Hlynur Reynisson...Hildur Johannesdottir  

Cast:  Hinrik Olafsson...Margret Vilhjalmsdottir...Halla Margret Johannesdottir...Soley Eliasdottir...

Hilmar Jonsson...Sigurdur Hallmarsson...Sigurður Kristjansson...Sigrun Gerda Gisladottir

Bjarmi Alexander Rosmannsson...Einar Oddur Kristjansson 



A young captain who lives in a tiny sea village falls in love with a beautiful girl.  She is a bit peculiar and no one knows her real background.  A wedding is prepared but the very next day the young captain wakes up finding out that his bride is gone.  There is no trace of her except the wedding dress which is found at the shore.  The young captain grieves a lot and loses his interest for live.   One night at the pub he meets an old sailor living just outside the village.  He tells him an old legend about the seals living seven years on land.   The young captain restores his spirit and goes out fishing and everytime he fills his boat.  Seven years after his brides disapperance, a boy child crawls upon the shore and the young captain believes that this is his son.  He raises the boy and tries to override his seventh birthday.   But is destiny something we can avoid?   


The film was anominated for the EDDA award in Iceland as the best feature TV film.

IFH Magga fog1 copy_edited.jpg


Margret Vilhjalmsdottir   Hinrik Olafsson
Soley Eliasdottir   Hilmar Jonsson
         Sigrun Gerda Gisladottir
            Sigurdur Hallmarsson
Bjarmi Alexander Rosmannsson
Lydur Arnason 
Joakim Hlynur Reynisson  
Producer IES

A   T R U E   L I F E


Genre:  Short film, drama 25 min 1996,  shown on the icelabndic state TV 1997.

Directors:  Joakim Hlynur Reynisson & Lydur Arnason.

Screenwriters:  Joakim Hlynur Reynisson & Lydur Arnason.

Cast:  Kristinn Thorbergsson  Hinrik Olafsson  Halla Margret Johannesdottir 

Thorgeir Smari Einarsson   Magnus Erlendsson 



A young couple is travelling by car but end up in an abondened farm because of a flat tire.  To their surprise a hermit is living in the old farm house.  He is very friendly and invites them to dinner and tells them about his humble lifestyle.  The guy is facinated by the hermit but the girl is suspicious.  They stay overnight and both notice that something strange is going on in this place.   The very next day the hermit hypnotises the guy and the girl is on her own.


Choosen to represent Iceland in the short film festival Nordic panorama 1996.

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