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Shooting in Greenland


The Edda is the Icelandic "Oscar" award. Our documentar film, Shadow children, won the Edda as the best documentary in 2006 and Seabound was anominated as the best TV feature film in 2002. 


Seabound, the manuscript was chosen one of the  best in a special script contest 1999.

kaldalons, has got three recognitions for the manuscript from the icelandic film fond.

Icelandic Film Centre

No Oscars yet but only a question of time.


Independent documentary film festival in the norhwest Iceland.  Nordureyrarjarlinn, the most popular film among the audience 2003.


Our first short film, A true life, was chosen to compete for Iceland in this long living festival in 1996.

Nordisk Panorama

The biggest crime short story contest in Iceland. 

Lotto, written by us, number one 2014.

Trends, written by us, number two 2011.

Autmn leaves, written by us, number two 2008.

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